Rough Sex Defense
I created this piece’s unique color by washing the beige fabric with dark colors and letting the dye bleed onto them. I wanted the panties to look tainted. The title is in reference to a spate of chocking deaths that have been perpetrated by intimate partners almost always men. As a child I was very effected by the Jennifer Levin murder which was more commonly know as the Preppy murder. The murder took place in 1986 but even today victim blaming and the personal details of murder victims sex lives become fodder for the media and are usually judged more harshly then the actions of their killers. The media perception being that these chocking deaths would have never accrued with out the kinky insistence of the victims. In Jennifer Levin’s case were expected to believe she followed a 6 foot 4 man into Central Park and forced him to engage in “rough sex” with her by tying her panties around his wrists. This defense strategy still exists and clearly only benefits men and heavily relies on patriarchal notions of goodness and innocence being tied to how many sexual experiences a woman has had and if she was the instigator of the encounter which lead to her death. The prevailing attitude in these case being that a woman who takes agency over her own sexual desires deserves whatever happens to her.