When I conceived the work in Normal Porn for Normal People I knew I wanted to incorporate a video element. I envisioned something vague and mysterious like the aesthetic of the dream transmissions in the 1987 John Carpenter horror film Price of Darkness. I also kept thinking about the addictive nature of the films described in the novels Infinite Jest and Pattern Recognition but knew I didn’t want something as figurative. I spent months brainstorming but nothing gelled together. I finally made peace with the fact that my video idea might not come to fruition and started installing the show. Once I installed the sculptural pieces made out of magnetic tape that suspended from the ceiling I notice the beautiful pattern that light refractions cast from the sculptures made on the gallery walls. I begged and pleaded for someone who had a camcorder compatible with VHS tapes and begged some more for a tv/vcr player. Within hours I had both. Slim Offerings came to be in the most natural way if I had forced it, the video would never have worked.