The Empty Carts prints were designed recontextualize to the No Frills brand logo from Pathmark a northeastern supermarket chain. I was inspired by food insecurity in my childhood and the residual sense of shame I felt as an adult. I wish I could say that the red and blue brushstrokes on the print were intentional, instead it was a financial decision. I was simply too broke to afford to make two more screens for those lines. The embarrassment I felt when our cart was filled with those no frills cans and paying with food stamps was always a nerve wracking experience. From as early as kindergarten I remember cashiers sucking their teeth at me and my family. The carts in the prints aren’t empty just because of lack they are empty as reminder that as a child there were people we thought I didn’t deserve that food. That I simply didn’t deserve to eat and by extension deserve to live. As an adult I can’t imagine acting that way toward a child but unfortunately the United States is still fighting a culture war where basic necessities are debated in regard to who deserves them.