Are you a nice girl or are you a pig?

2021 fabric

I created this piece with the idea of the perfect victim, who gets to be one and why do we still have conversations about it in 2021. In the 1977 blockbuster movie Saturday Night Fever Tony Manero makes a broad proclamation about female sexuality, “No. You can't be both It's a decision a girl's gotta make early in life, if she's gonna be a nice girl or a pig.” I’ve heard this sort of thing or a close variation on the theme since childhood. If she didn’t want to get fucked why did she take off her panty liner, if she didn’t want to get strangled with her panties why did she follow that handsome boy into the park. Why’d she go up to the hotel room, why was she walking after dark. I’ve had jobs were management told me I should wear a thong because panty lines are unseemly. I’ve had jobs where making fun of someone wearing granny panties was encouraged. I’ve had friends who’ve sold their panties on the Internet a commodification of sexuality that I don’t have the mental energy for. There’s a part of me that knows on some level that if I do sell this piece there is a giant chance that the person buying it may be doing so just because it’s made out of my used panties.